Race Pimp Al Sharpton: “NO QUESTION” Trump Is Illegitimate President

Reverend Al Sharpton said on MSNBC tonight, “There’s no question that the process that elected [Donald Trump] was not legitimate.”

He told MTP Daily guest anchor Peter Alexander that “clearly the process has serious questions about it,” and given who John Lewis is and what role he holds in American history, people “should not take lightly his view at all.”

Alexander pointed out that Democrats were up in arms when it was believed Trump wouldn’t accept the election as legitimate. Sharpton argued that plenty of evidence has come out now to raise legitimate questions.

He also scolded Trump for his disrespect towards Lewis and said that as president he must be the “bigger person” and prove he’s interested in uniting the country.

Watch below via MSNBC.


H/T: Mediaite

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