Putin Offers To Give James Comey Asylum After He’s Charged

Vladimir Putin takes questions once a year from the press and in this year’s appearance Putin made a startling statement.  Putin believes that Comey’s leaking will lead to charges of espionage against Comey and he wanted to know that Russia would shield him and give him asylum.  Maybe Comey should be investigated for collaboration with the Russians.

 Putin tried to articulate that Comey’s decision to leak his memos, through a pal at Columbia University, to the media put him in a vulnerable position.

‘He suddenly said he recorded a conversation with Trump, and then handed the tape over to the media, which is strange,’ Putin said, according to RT’s Russian-to-English translation.

That move, Putin suggested, was similar to what NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden did.

Snowden currently has asylum in Russia.

‘What the difference between him and Mr. Snowden then?’ Putin asked the crowd.

‘He’s a human rights activists then, not an intelligence chief,’ the Russian leader added.

President Trump’s personal lawyer said he would file a complaint against Comey for leaking his memos, however, no legal action has been taken yet.

Putin, however, wasn’t impressed by Comey’s congressional testimony when the former FBI head accused Russia of meddling in the Americans’ 2016 presidential election.

‘The first thing that attracted my attention was that the ex-FBI director said that he believes that there was Russian meddling in the electoral process, but at the same time provided no proof of that,’ Putin said.

Putin also pointed out that Comey had said that there was no evidence that the Russians interfered in the Americans’ vote count.
‘Well, thank God, at least that, it’s good enough,’ Putin said.

Putin said Russia’s influence over Americans’ minds was no greater than American influence from U.S.-based NGOs in the countries they do work in.

H/T The Mail Online


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