Puppy Thrown into Fire Pit and Left for Dead. Family Desperately Seeks Help To Save Him. [PHOTOS]

We’ll never understand how people can be so cruel as to hurt defenseless animals, and puppy Polo will never get it either. Recently, the 8-month-old lab mix was shockingly thrown into a fire pit by, it is believed, several children.

He was badly hurt and his paws and belly were burned. His thick fur was also singed down to the skin, and it is believed that his coat actually protected him from being killed by the fire. After finding out about the horrifying incident, Polo’s family was desperate for help.

They quickly reached out to a Save A Dog Network Canada, which helps care for dogs living in northern Canada. Thanks to the network, Polo was flown from northern Manitoba to Winnipeg where he was taken to Tuxedo Animal Hospital.


There, he is being given the care he needs to recover. “He’s lucky to be alive, and he’s lucky that people chose to help him and get him the help that he needed,” Dr. Jonas Watson who was treating Polo told CTV News.

Polo’s recovery will be long and arduous as well as expensive. His family asked that he be given a new home where he can be loved and safe.

Meanwhile, Polo is proving to be quite the fighter. “Despite the horrors this little man has recently been subjected to he continues to try and wag his tail and remains in relatively good spirits,” L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society posted on Facebook.

Katie Powell, who founded the Save A Dog Network, told TODAY that Polo “is still recovering from inhalation and eye injuries.” Still, he is just a pup and “is such a little ham.”


Polo’s story is getting a lot of positive attention, but Powell hopes that it will also bring attention to the situation that many other dogs experience in northern Canada. There, the population of stray dogs, many of which are not vaccinated, brings danger to people as well as animals.

“The stray dog situation in northern Manitoba is a complete epidemic,” Powell said. “The real amazing thing is the awareness and attention finally being brought up.”

Hopefully, as Polo recovers, other dogs will be helped. Polo, and every other dog deserves a second chance.

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