Prisoner Goes All Jack Bauer on Jihadis, Steals their Weapon [VIDEO]

This may be the best footage I’ve ever seen.

In this video, provided by the U.K. Daily Mail, we get a rare glimpse into something we don’t often see: hostages refusing to comply.

Three men were forced on their knees while three other stood over them holding AK-pattern assault rifles (four, if you include the cameraman, who seems to have been armed).

They were stood up and marched to the ground that would presumably become their graves.

Enter: one very, very desperate man… who went all Jihad Bauer on them!

As the nearby gunman lays down his AK47 the prisoner on the far right headbutts him and takes the weapon,taking out the other Jihadi gunmen by surprise.

In the video it appears that the cameraman was either shot or ran away like a coward.  Either way, I think we get to see and hear enough to know that the three captors were killed efficiently.  Whether or not the three prisoners were able to get away cleanly we’ll probably never know, but at least they didn’t died with their hands tied behind their backs.



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