• June 24, 2024

President Trump’s Motorcade Stops Suddenly, Then He Does Something No One Was Expecting

 President Trump’s Motorcade Stops Suddenly, Then He Does Something No One Was Expecting


Supporters of President Donald Trump got a special surprise over the weekend after he stopped his motorcade to embrace the crowd.

Supporters lined up along Southern Boulevard on March 17 hoping to catch a glimpse of their commander-in-chief as his motorcade made its way towards his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Instead of waving from inside of his bulletproof window, President Trump stopped his motorcade, got out of his vehicle and waved at the crowd of supporters, the Palm Beach Post reported.

“We love you!” shouted one supporter.

President Trump did not walk over to any of the supporters, but did acknowledge them from outside of his car. First lady Melania Trump and their son Barron Trump remained inside the vehicle, according to the news station.

“That was exciting,” Trump supporter Diana Roberts told WPBF.

“I’m always on the passenger side, because I know that he waves and smiles at us,” Paula Prudente, another Trump supporter, said. “He jumped out. This is the second time jumping out.”

According to the White House, President Trump had no public events scheduled this weekend. He was only scheduled to speak with Brazilian president Michel Temer on March 18.

Still, several social media users were not happy with the news that the president was spending yet another weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

“How nice of the Chump to fly again to Florida for another weekend get-away at the taxpayers expense!” wrote one commenter. “Mean while in the real world funding for programs for the elderly and children are being cut, because this administration does not feel it is beneficial to feed the elderly and provide afterschool programs for poor children.

“Maybe to save these program the President should reduce the number of weekend get-away to his safe place.”

“This is the guy who called Obama ‘vacationer in chief’ and attacked him for taking a trip to Hawaii ‘while the unemployment rate is 20%’ (it was actually 8.5% at the time),” wrote another. “Over 3 million every time he makes this trip to Florida (which he has every weekend so far). And I wonder how much his resort is profiting? Are taxpayers being charged for lodging for his security and entourage? What a scam!

“But we don’t have enough money to fund the arts or help the homeless or spend the less than 1% of the budget we currently do on foreign aid.”

Other commenters went as far as to mocking the president.

“Next tweet ‘Did you see my huge crowd of supporters,'” wrote one user. “Yuuuge crowds~~thousands~~~maybe millions!” added another.

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