President Donald Trump Makes Major Shake Up..Will Make Liberals Cry

 President Donald Trump Makes Major Shake Up..Will Make Liberals Cry

President Trump has announced a major shake up in his administration that many people have felt was long overdue.  He is draining the swamp left over by Barack Obama.  Expect dancing in the streets tonight all across the country.  President Donald Trump has fired FBI director James Comey.  That could be very bad news for Hillary, Huma and a host of others.  hear that Susan Rice?  The firing was recommended by DOJ head Jeff Sessions and his deputy.

 Mr. Comey became a major figure in last year’s election, first pursuing an investigation into Mr. Trump’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, then clearing her of criminal wrongdoing over the summer. He inserted himself into the final weeks by reopening — then quickly clearing — the investigation again.
More recently, he confirmed the FBI is investigating Trump campaign associates for possible illegal links to Russia.

Mr. Comey had served as deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush, then was appointed FBI director by President Obama. His term was slated to last through 2023.

He’s had an unusual relationship with Mr. Trump, blaming him during the campaign for letting Mrs. Clinton off lightly, then praising him in the days after the inauguration in January.

Mr. Comey at the time said Mr. Trump had asked him to stay on as director, and he agreed.

The White House did not say what, specifically, has changed in the months since.

Comey has consistently misinterpreted the Espionage Act to include whether the person was doing something on purpose but the Espionage Act says that carelessness is the same as an intentional act. This could reopen many formerly closed investigations as the statute of limitations has not been reached.

H/T Washington Times



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