POLL: Supporters Of President Donald Trump Don’t Regret Their Vote One Bit


Since taking his oath of office in January, various mainstream medias outlets and social media sites have shared stories from people who voted for the Republican candidate and by their own admission are having regrets. But according to a recent poll the findings are vastly different with less than four percent of his supporters during the election saying they regret casting their ballot for him.

In late February The Washington Post conducted a survey and found that only 12 out of the 339 people who said that they voted for Trump (46 percent of the poll, which is in line with the national percentage of voters who supported him in November) would not vote for him again if they had the chance to go back.

Most of those people who would take back their votes told pollsters that they withdrew their support for the president based on what he has done in the White House. One said that they thought “he has moved kinda fast” with new immigration and abortion laws, while another said more generally that they do not “like his decisions so far.”

“Trump cannot get out of his own way,” one person responded in part. “He won’t stop running his mouth and has no humility.”trumpregret1

Indeed, comments such as these have dominated much of the dialog on social media and in news reports. A Twitter page called “Trump Regrets” has 256,000 followers and has shared nearly 2,000 tweets from people who reportedly voted for Trump and now wish that they hadn’t.

“I voted for you and it was a terrible decision on my part!!” one Twitter user wrote to the president, which Trump Regrets then retweeted. “[Please] quit and make America respectable again.”


Others on the page explained more specific reasons for their changes of heart, from the proposed Affordable Care Act replacement to federal budget cuts.

“I voted for you and now your proposed budget cuts are throwing me under the bus!” said another. “No More Trump.”


But poll conducted by WaPo found that these statements are over reported and only comprise a small segment of those who cast their ballots for Trump. Indeed, only one in four of regretful Trump voters said that, given the chance to redo their votes, they would support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Republican support for the president remains strong, according to the poll, while the vast majority of those who voted for him stood by their decision and offered only words of encouragement for Trump.

“You are doing a wonderful job,” one person said in a message to the president. “Keep on doing what you are doing. The American people are behind you. Only those who do not respect … you are dissenting.”trumpregret2

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