Police Raid Home, Terrorize Children, Handcuff Naked Woman—And Then Realize It’s The Wrong House

“Stop f*cking crying and take care of your f*cking kids,” a police officer commanded 23-year-old Marianne Diaz after storming into her Worcester, Massachusetts apartment at 5:30 a.m. in full SWAT gear, guns drawn.

Diaz was handcuffed and naked, while her two young daughters huddled next to her, shaking with fear. A female officer conducted an invasive, full-body search on Diaz, even though she was already nude and not permitted to cover herself.Diaz’s fiancé, who was getting ready for work in the bathroom, was handcuffed too, and police left their housemate with a back injury and a fractured wrist as he begged them to stop manhandling him.

The whole raid “was terrorizing, and the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life,” Diaz said of the incident. The cops who invaded her home “were loud, very vulgar, and disgusting in behavior.” And the kicker? They weren’t even in the right home.

The man the police were looking for had moved out of the apartment months ago, before Diaz and her family moved in. Meanwhile, multiple active court cases, which the police could access, listed his new address. And Diaz, who has never been in trouble with the law, was the only one listed on the apartment’s electric account, a fact police records indicate the cops knew in advance of their raid.

Despite all this evidence that police majorly screwed up and unnecessarily traumatized an innocent family, the local district attorney’s office issued a statement saying “The search warrant was executed based on the best intelligence at the time. He (the target) had been in the dwelling in the days before the execution of the search warrant.”

As the family’s lawyer, Hector E. Pineiro, argues, this is a “complete joke.”“This botched gun raid, without any doubt, is about an innocent family with two children—one disabled—who were utterly terrorized and abused as a result of the grossly reckless conduct exhibited by (police),” Pineiro said. “There was virtually no due diligence and surveillance done to ensure that they got the right people.”

Even if it were true that the raid’s target had been in the apartment recently (Diaz and her family say they’ve never even heard of him), under no circumstances does claiming “We did our best” negate the fact that this SWAT team intimidated and molested a young mother and her family completely without just cause. “Before they left, one (officer) said, ‘We treated you with respect,’” Diaz said. “They didn’t even apologize.”

Diaz and her fiancé are currently investigating their legal options, but in the meantime, the Worcester District Attorney’s office encourages concerned citizens to get in touch here.

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