Police Officer Caught Off Guard By Young Man While Changing Flat Tire

In the past few months, we’ve covered countless stories of kind-hearted officers helping out individuals around town. But what’s much rarer is the opposite — an individual surprising an officer with a helping hand. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana, recently posted this on their Facebook page.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office

Normally, you hear stories about law enforcement officers helping a stranded citizen change a flat tire. It’s not everyday you hear of a citizen stopping to help a deputy change a tire…until now!

This past Saturday night, Deputy Sam Hyneman had a flat tire and pulled off at a local gas station to change it. As Deputy Hyneman began to change his tire, a young man walked up and stated he wanted to change the tire. Obviously, Deputy Hyneman was pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked at this man’s offer. The citizen’s name was Joseph Butters. Mr. Butters went on to say that he wanted to change the deputy’s tire so he didn’t get his uniform dirty. Mr. Butters wanted to thank all St. Tammany deputies for keeping the parish safe, and this was his way of saying ‘Thank You’

Well Mr. Butters, THANK YOU from all of the STPSO! Your kindness and your message means a lot to us.


The post was shared thousands of time in just a few days, with many applauding the man’s actions.

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