Police Get Shock Of Their Lives After Opening Container With Bound, Gagged And Assaulted Teen Inside

Shocking footage of the moment a 17-year-old girl who was tortured by her ex-boyfriend was freed has emerged (video below).

Footage of Nikita Beadman being freed by police has surfaced via A Current Affair.

Beadman was tied up with wire and tortured inside of a pitch-black shipping container in Queensland, Australia, by her ex-boyfriend, Robert Galleghan.

Beadman says she tried to leave Galleghan when he first showed signs of abusiveness, but then attended a party at his house in an attempt to keep the peace between them. However, she soon learned that this was a mistake.

Galleghan was aggressive toward Beadman almost immediately.

“I knew what was going to happen,” she said. “He always said he’d bury me out there.”

When Beadman told her ex that it was over, he became enraged, throwing her against a wall and smashing her head into a coffee table.

“I actually thought I was dead,” she recalled.

Friends of the former couple who were at the home during the incident tried to stop the assault but were chased away by Galleghan, who had a knife.

Galleghan then brought Beadman to the shipping container in the back of his property, thinking that police would be on their way shortly. He tied her up with wire so tight around her neck that she stopped breathing. She was also gagged with her own underwear and had her mouth wired shut.

Galleghan then wrapped a yoga mat around Beadman’s head to ensure she was unable to breathe before raping her with a wire.

“Not in a sexual way,” Beadman said. “In a torture way, so I couldn’t have kids.”

Galleghan also stomped on the teen’s stomach repeatedly.

When police arrived soon after, Galleghan told officers that he had been assaulted. However, the officers were unconvinced and decided to check the shipping container in the backyard on a hunch.

When they approached the container, they heard Beadman’s faint cry and opened the doors to find the 17-year-old tied up in the corner.

After removing the yoga mat, one officer filmed as the others freed Beadman, believing that she may not survive.

“It was evil and depraved what I saw,” one officer said.

The incident took place in 2012, but Beadman only saw the footage after it emerged recently. She said that the experience of watching the footage was “kind of strange.”

“I remember being there, and I remember seeing it from a 3d perspective…something pulled me back,” she said.

Deadman thanked the officers who rescued her from the shipping container.

Galleghan pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison for assaulting Beadman. He will be released in 2021.

“Justice has finally been served,” Beadman wrote in a Facebook post.

Sources: Daily MailA Current Affair

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