• June 13, 2024

Police Called After “Demon Goat” Who Terrifies Town Is Born [PHOTO]

 Police Called After “Demon Goat” Who Terrifies Town Is Born [PHOTO]

It’s not every day you see a mugshot like this one. A baby goat was born with what some call a “demonic” face and it is making the rounds on the internet.

Metro reports that the kid, which was born in San Luis province, Argentina, had protruding eyes and a flat face. It was stillborn on July 19.

Owner Gladys Oviedo was stunned when she saw the dead animal. “The rest of the baby is normal, it only has deformations in the head. It is unusual what happened,” she said, according to Metro.

(Credit: La Voz)

Argentine website La Voz reports that local police, after hearing rumors of a malformed animal, went to investigate, where they found Oviedo holding the kid.

Unusual animal sights always garner plenty of attention. A New Hampshire lobsterman, for example, recently caught a rare blue lobster.

Last month a woman in Virginia pulled a blue crab with two oysters growing on its shell from the waters of Chesapeake Bay.

Source: Fox News


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