Police Arrest Woman After Learning How She Was Keeping Track Of Her Children

A Florida woman has been sentenced to three years probation after she branded her two young daughters.

Kayla Oxenham branded her two daughters, ages 5 and 7, to identify the children as her own. Her 7-year-old daughter told Port Charlotte, Florida, police officers that her mom used a lighter to heat a stick, which she then used to brand the two girls with. She reportedly offered the girls ice cream after burning them.

Prior to the burning incident, Oxenham’s 7-year-old daughter alleges that her 5-year-old sister was grabbed by the hair and her head slammed into a wall repeatedly after she locked a cat in the bathroom. Oxenham denied beating her children and refused to speak with police about the alleged burns.

Police started an investigation into Oxenham after reports of child abuse were made to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Oxenham was charged with felony child abuse and was sentenced to three years probation after pleading no contest. As part of her sentencing, she must undergo a psychological evaluation and attend parenting classes.

Source: NBC-2

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