Police Arrest Suspect In Nightclub Shooting

Police say they have arrested a man who will likely be charged with at least four counts of attempted murder following a shooting at a crowded nightclub. Reports are that the subject opened fire outside the Blue nightclub in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police said they have the man in custody and are not searching for anyone else.

André Kråkenes, police spokesman, said the victims were taken to hospital from the music venue and that the incident does not appear to be terror related. A gun was recovered at the scene, according to a Norwegian paper. Witnesses claim one of the victims was shot in the neck and another was shot in the leg. Oslo police added that emergency crews are still on site. Officers have already arrested the shooter and said they have “no more suspects.” The four victims were rushed to the hospital, but the extent of their injuries has not been released at this time. Witnesses to the incident said that seven police cars and three ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

The suspect’s identity has not yet been released but the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang reports that the suspected attacker is in his twenties and was previously known to authorities. The suspect reportedly tried to escape in a taxi before armed police officers detained him. The incident sparked panic among patrons of the nightclub as the shooter reportedly fired up to eight times.

Two of those injured are believed to be bouncers at the night club in addition to two customers at the venue. According to one witness, the subject was being loud and obnoxious when he was asked to leave the premises. But when he refused, he was escorted to the door by security. As they reached the front entrance that is when the man pulled out the pistol and open fire on the security men escorting him out.

American hip–hop artist Kool G Rap was performing at the Blue nightclub on Saturday night. It was his first ever appearance in Norway. Fortunately, Police were nearby, responding to a separate incident, when the shots were fired. The shooting happened just before 3:30 am BST.

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