• June 16, 2024

Playboy Model Faces Criticism For What She Is Seen Doing to Her 3yo Son [VIDEO]

 Playboy Model Faces Criticism For What She Is Seen Doing to Her 3yo Son [VIDEO]

An Argentinian model is facing some backlash after she posted a video clip of herself putting her tongue near her 3-year-old son’s mouth.

Belen Rodriguez, 31, who now lives in Milan, Italy, was told she should be “ashamed” for what she did in the now viral video clip, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows Rodriguez in what appears to be a restaurant with her 3-year-old son. The model is seen grabbing her son by his cheeks and turning his face toward her.

Rodriguez then appears to stick her tongue out at her boy, possibly to lick whip cream off of his face. She then scoops some more whip cream off of a plate with her finger and wipes it on the boy’s nose.

The video has been viewed more than 1 millions times. A few users felt Rodriguez was being inappropriate with her son, calling the gesture “erotic.”

“You just have to feel ashamed!” wrote one Instagram user.

“You’re not a cat that you have to wash with tongue,” wrote another.

But not everyone felt the same way.

“I do the same with my daughter and I don’t see that is perverted,” wrote one commenter.

“He seems like a happy and sweet child,” wrote another. “I don’t understand what you see here that is not right!”

“The way she did that is the same way I do to my husband,” another commenter wrote. “I’m why she was licking him like that but ok. Every parents differently I guess.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Maria Belen Rodriguez / Instagram, LiveFocus West / YouTube / Photo credit: Maria Belen Rodriguez/Instagram

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