Photos Of The World’s Youngest Parents, The Last One Will Blow Your Mind.

Young pregnancies are often the result of something unexpected, even unwanted. Puberty is the process of a child’s body maturing into an adult and is capable of sexual reproduction. Parenthood should be something most people look forward to when they decide to have a baby but some kids became pregnant to no fault of their own.

Here are the shocking cases of the youngest birth mothers in recorded history:

1.  Jordan Williams & Tia John had a baby girl at a shocking young age.


There’s no telling how these young people will fare raising a baby — especially because they were both 14 years old when she was born.

2. Thuli Shaka looks like a child herself — and that’s because she is.


The frightening reality of what happens when babies have babies: Thuli was just 10 years old when she gave birth.

3. Kordeza Zhelyazkova was just 11 when she had a baby.


Despite her disturbing young age, this girl seems overjoyed to be a mom — and so does her partner.

4. Alleshia Gregson had her first child at age 12.

And it wasn’t a fluke, either: Two years later, she had her second child.

5. Tressa Middleton became pregnant as a result of abuse.
She was assaulted by her older brother at age 11, and the pregnancy was the result. It’s hard to look at this photo and not feel tremendous pain for this young woman.

6. James Sutton & Sarah Drinkwater were young, but they apparently wanted to start a family.


James Sutton was just 12 when he got his 16-year-old girlfriend Sarah Drinkwater pregnant. Even crazier: The couple actually had twins.

7. Sean Stewart & Emma Webster started having sex early, and a pregnancy occurred shortly after.


Sean Stewart was 11 when he had sex with his 15-year-old next-door neighbor Emma Webster. She got pregnant, and Sean and to be excused from school to witness the birth of his child.

8. April Webster And Nathan Fishbourne were in puppy love, and then they got pregnant.


They were both 14 when they had their first child — in other words, this is what happens when puppy love gets a little bit too real.

9. Rebecca Finnis became pregnant when she had barely become a teenager herself.


At just 13 years old, Finnis was still a kid herself. However, her body was physically able to conceive, and she became a very young mom.

10. Alfie Patten & Chantelle Stedman were both under the legal age of consent when Chantelle got pregnant.


Alfie was 13, and Chantelle was slightly older. Still, ridiculously young to be having babies of their own.

11. Lina Medina has one of the most disturbing stories.


Back in 1939, a FIVE-year-old girl Peruvian named Lina Medina gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This was (and still is) considered a medical miracle.

12. Lonel Stanescu & Rifca Stanescu started a family at a young age, and later proved that this kind of thing can start a vicious cycle.


When Rifca Stanescu was only 11, she ran away with Lonel Stanescu. A year later, she gave birth to a little girl. Then, eleven years later, her own daughter Maria, gave birth to another child — making Rifca a grandmother when she was 22.

13. Mum-Zi had a baby when she was just eight years old.


This young girl was raised in an African harem in a polygynous household. At eight years old, she gave birth to the daughter of the harem’s chief. Eight years later, her daughter Zi gave birth as well. That means Mum-Zi was only seventeen when she became a grandmother.


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