• April 17, 2024

Photographer Captures Hundreds of Sharks Swimming Under Group of Children [VIDEO]

 Photographer Captures Hundreds of  Sharks Swimming Under Group of Children [VIDEO]

A group of children were floating on body boards a few meters from shore as photographer Sean Scott used a drone to record video of the scene.  What he discovered was that there was a large bait ball (Large school of fish) and approximately 400 bronze whaler sharks feeding off of it as the children were oblivious to their presence.  There were two of the sharks who appeared to be stalking the group but they broke it off and joined the others in attacking the bait ball.

 Incredible drone footage has captured the moment an enormous school of sharks swam beneath a group of children floating on bodyboards.

Photographer Sean Scott couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw two three-metre Bronze Whalers stalking the youngsters at Western Australia’s Red Bluff beach.

‘I’ve never seen them come that close to people… It’s probably as big as they get,’ Mr Scott told Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program.

‘I flew [my drone] over and then saw these sharks sort of swimming across thinking, “what’s going on here”?’

The Bronze Whalers came terrifyingly close to the children as they floated on their bodyboards in the water just metres from shore.

‘They were obviously going over to have a little bit of a look and got pretty close and realised that wasn’t their food chain and turned around,’ Mr Scott said.

‘But it was pretty incredible to see these boys just floating on their back.’

‘There were people diving and surfing very close to this event and the sharks showed no interest in them and were happy concentrating on the bait ball. What I saw really emphasised just how special the WA coastline is with such a flourishing healthy marine life.

‘I was lucky enough to see Turtles, Humpback whales and all the sharks in the one location. I have also been out swimming with the Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and the ocean life here is second to none.’

The Queensland-based photographer also captured stunning footage of up to 150 Bronze Whalers circling a huge mass of baitfish at the popular beach.

H/T The Mail Online

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