• June 17, 2024

Philly Teachers say ‘HELL NO’ to Black Lives Matter Curriculum

 Philly Teachers say ‘HELL NO’ to Black Lives Matter Curriculum

Not all Philadelphia teachers are pleased with new Black Lives Matter lesson plans for their students.

Teachers are speaking out against a week-long BLM curriculum starting Jan. 23 aimed at kindergarten to 12th grade, reports Philly.com.

One teacher said that Black Lives Matter does not need to be in the classroom.

“It challenges nuclear families, and our justice system. I don’t think kids should be taught that Western society is perpetrating a war on black people,” Christopher Paslay, an English teacher, said.

The Caucus of Working Educators, a teachers’ union chapter, created the lesson plans. Each day, teachers would go over a different topic related to Black Lives Matter.

One lesson deals with “restorative justice, empathy and loving engagement,” while another day covers globalism. Teachers have also been encouraged to wear BLM t-shirts and other attire.

The president of Fraternal Order of Police chapter also spoke out against the lesson plans.

“We don’t agree with it. We think there’s a lot better subjects that could be taught,”John McNesby declared.

According to the organization, teachers do not have to use the BLM lesson plan.

“We have to validate our students’ experiences,”Charlie McGeehan, a co-organizer, explained. “Many of my students have had negative experiences with police officers. To ignore that is to deny their reality in a way that doesn’t make sense.”

A school district spokesperson said that the plans are not officially sanctioned by the district. Regardless, the district encourages schools to use current events to teach students, the spokesperson said.

Other teachers have tried to bring Black Lives Matter into the classroom. Approximately 2,000 Seattle teachers wore BLM t-shirts to their schools out of solidarity with their minority students in October.



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