PepsiCo’s New Experiment in Protein Additives Will Make You Gag [VIDEO]

PepsiCo is searching for a new protein additive for their drinks and snacks.  They are trying to avoid dairy, egg, meat and gelatin sourced proteins.  But some of the items they are testing are downright gross.  One of them I am very familiar with.  Meal worms.  I used to go to the grain mill and gather them up out of the grain that leaked gfrom the grinder.  They make great bait for blue gills, sunfish and bass.

They are also a main ingredient in bird feed.  In their food and drinks, PepsiCo will dry out the worms and grind them into a fine powder.  It just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

 The PepsiCo request, filed on the external innovation site NineSights, also mentions that the firm has already done extensive work on soy, moringa (horseradish tree), pea, dairy, single-cell protein and duck weed, the aquatic plant that floats on the surface of slow moving bodies of fresh water.

The PepsiCo food company, which also makes snacks such as Doritos and Cheetos, is looking for new protein sources for their snacks and drinks.

The firm posted a request for new and novel protein sources on the external innovation site NineSights, and is looking for plant-based, fungi based or insect based protein sources.

The firm has already done ‘extensive work’ with and are not interested in these sources:

Moringa (horseradish tree)
Duck weed – the aquatic plant that floats on the surface of slow moving bodies of fresh water
Cricket powder
Meal work powder
Single cell protein

The firm wrote that they’re primary focus is finding a plant-based protein source, although mycoprotein (fungi based) and insect protein could be good options for consideration.
They’re also looking for a source minimal flavor and texture impact, and ‘process friendly’ – can be baked or homogenized – for applications for both snacks and drinks.

H/T The Daily Mail

Meal worms, a source of high protein, have been used in a powdered form by PepsiCo for food product research. Meal worms can also be baked or fried, and they're usually used as bird feed or fishing bait

Meal Worms

Crickets are a high-protein source. PepsiCo has already experimented with using 'cricket powder' - crickets ground into a finer powder - as a protein source for its products

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