Pepsi Just Got Roasted Big Time After A Move That Everyone Thought Was A…

In time for the Fourth of July, Pepsi entered the condiment market, and the idea of cola-flavored hotdogs didn’t exactly excite everyone.

The soda manufacturer debuted a brand-new condiment on Tuesday that was developed in association with the Culinary Institute of America and professional diner Joey Chestnut.

Their combined efforts resulted in a product named “Colachup” that was planned to be sold at baseball grounds around the country.

Stop the condiment wars, the undisputed champ is here – Pepsi Colachup. Sweet, salty, and ready to try at select baseball stadiums on July 4th. Hot dogs are #BetterWithPepsi


Colachup is referred to as a “Pepsi-infused condiment” that sports fans will get a rare opportunity to sample at some ballparks.

According to the manufacturer, the cola’s “vibrant citrus blend” will accentuate “the bright and tangy characteristics of ketchup,” “offsetting the smokiness of the hot dog.”

On July 4, Pepsi reported that Americans were anticipated to consume more than 150 million hot dogs, citing the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council.

The company said in a statement, “Pepsi is so confident that hot dogs are #BetterWithPepsi, the brand is taking hot dog enjoyment to the next level with Pepsi Colachup, giving fans the chance to add even more of the iconic sweet, citrusy taste of a crisp, refreshing Pepsi-Cola directly onto their hot dog.”

Chestnut, a 15-time hotdog-eating champion, praised the item in a Pepsi statement.

“People might be surprised, but outside of competitions I love eating hot dogs at a more leisurely pace, and there’s no better way to eat a hot dog — steamed, grilled, or fried — than with a perfectly cool and crisp Pepsi,” he said.

While Pepsi’s paid partner might be thrilled by the new condiment, some people on Twitter expressed some serious doubts about it:

On July 4, visitors at home games of the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Arizona Diamondbacks, and New York Yankees of Major League Baseball had the opportunity to try the new condiment.

But because Colachup is only available for a short while, the business advised against becoming dependent on it.

Will you be trying this?



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