Peacock Rampages Through Liquor Store Destroying $500 Of Wine, Creating “Big Mess”

A peacock found its way into a California liquor store and proceeded to go on a 90 minute rampage Monday, smashing $500 worth of wine bottles.

The bird came into Royal Oaks Liquors in Arcadia through an open door but at first went unnoticed by store manager Rani Ghanem. Ghanem said he only saw the bird once a customer started asking him about “el pollo” or “the chicken” strutting around the store. He attempted to guide the bird towards the door but ended up spooking it, reports the Associated Press.

Ghanem called Los Angeles County animal control after the peacock flew directly at him. The officer arrived but the bird’s capture proved difficult.

“He was trying to get it with the fishing net, and (the bird) jumped on the first wine bottle,” Ghanem told the AP. “When that happened, I was like, ‘Aw, this is about to be a big mess.’ He tried to get it again with the net … It just went straight diving into all the bottles. The more he kept on trying to use the net, the more it kept on flapping its wings and knocking everything over.”

The peacock eventually landed on a shelf full of wine, shattering dozens of bottles as the officer tried to grab the bird with a net. Ghanem jumped in to help, using a sweatshirt to wrap up the bird once it was in the net. The pair carried the peacock outside to freedom, unharmed.

The rampage cost the liquor store roughly $500 worth of wine and champagne.

“Yeah, he’s got expensive taste,” Ghanem told the AP. “I’m like, ‘You break, you buy, dude.’ But clearly he didn’t. He got away with it.”



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