OUTRAGEOUS: Man Who Admits To Rape Gets Probation

A Kirkwood man who admitted having sex with an underage girl will spend 10 years on probation after admitting his guilt.

Lentz Jean, 31, was sentenced Tuesday in Broome County Court for his plea to a felony count of third-degree rape in connection with the November incident.

State police had arrested Jean Nov. 30, after investigating allegations he had sex with a girl under the age of 17 in Kirkwood. According to prosecutors, Jean and the victim were not strangers.

Aided by a French creole-speaking interpreter during Tuesday’s sentencing, Jean fielded questions by Broome County Judge Kevin Dooley, who noted Jean never expressed difficulty understanding English until probation officials questioned him about the crime for a pre-sentence report.

Though he was bound by a prearranged sentence, Dooley described Jean’s crime as “despicable.”

“This was a complete violation of trust in a number of different ways,” Dooley said in court Tuesday. “You violated the trust the child had in you by manipulating her.”

Ten years of probation should also be used for him to reflect upon “the terrible impact” his conduct had on the lives of people he supposedly cared for, Dooley added.

A third-degree rape charge accuses a person of having sex with a victim who is not legally capable of consenting, if the perpetrator is at least 21 years old and the victim is less than 17, at the time of the incident.

The charge is punishable by up to 4 years in prison, though the law allows for sentences that do not include incarceration.  Three years younger and he would have gotten a nice cell to spend a decade.

For those who say 17 is close to the age of consent also have to think about the difference between 31 and 17.  Sex was the only thing these two had in common.  Jean should have known better then the get involved with the girl.

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