Oregon Democrats Determined To Approve Free Abortions For Everyone

Democrats in Oregon have pushed through a pro-abortion bill that forces health insurers to pay for abortions for residents and illegal immigrants–essentially making the procedure free.

The bill known as the Reproductive Health Equity Act has moved to the Senate after winning approval in the State House.  It sets aside $10.2 million for services related to contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, including vasectomies and abortions, for the 2017-2019 budget period.

It requires health insurers to provide free abortions to patients without a co-pay.

“Affordable access to reproductive health care shouldn’t depend on who you are, where you live, or how much you earn,” tweeted Democratic state Rep. Julie Fahey after the vote.

Republican lawmakers tried to block the bill but did not have enough votes to shoot it down.

“Oregon has arguably the most liberal abortion laws in the country,” said GOP state Rep. Sherrie Sprenger in a statement. “I am disappointed that our effort to add some common sense to our laws was rejected today.”

Gayle Atteberry, the executive director of Oregon Right to Life, said the bill is a huge gift to Planned Parenthood.

“This terrible legislation is just another example of how Oregon’s largest abortion provider’s only real concern is for their financial bottom line,” she said in a statement.

“The Oregon Health Authority testified that HB 3391-B will provide almost $500,000 more for abortions. Make no mistake: most of this money is going to Planned Parenthood,” she added.

In a statement, Oregon Democrats said they believe they are leading the way in healthcare and added that the bill is a direct response to President Trump and pro-life lawmakers.

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