One Texas Farmer Who Was Sick Of The Muslim Takeover In His Town Fights Back In An EPIC Way

Every now and again we come across a story that although completely fact based and informative is still quite amusing to our dark sense of humor. This is one of those stories. We often ask what we can do about the bullying tactics of Muslim groups in America and this Texas farmer had the most epic answer. Pig races.

Yes, he really did. When Craig Baker was demanded to remove his cattle and pigs from the area they were already in by a group wanting to build a Muslim mega-center he balked and put his foot down. When they called him a liar at a town hall meeting he went one step farther and scheduled pig races to be held every Friday during the Muslim prayer time.

According to Conservative Daily Post:

In a hilarious example of protest, a Texan farmer went up against his Muslim neighbors using his pig farm. In Katy, Texas, an Islamic group purchased 11 acres bordering Craig Baker’s 200-year-old farm. The property was intended as the site of a mega facility for the area’s Muslim residents. It featured a mosque, a learning center/school, and other living accommodations.

Baker said the feud started when the president of the Katy Islamic Association asked him to remove some of his cattle which was in close proximity to the site. He especially requested him to remove his pigs elsewhere. At a later town meeting, Kamel Fotouh denied making the request.

“That was the last straw for me… calling me a liar,” Baker said. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands by scheduling pig races each Friday evening at the call to prayer. Accompanied by BBQ’s, the races drew lots of area residents concerned about the mosque’s construction. Community members were concerned about terror, drainage, and traffic problems that would be caused by the massive Muslim center and gave money to support Baker’s plan.


Their mission, which was recently removed from the site is to promote Islam as a total way of life. For that and other reasons, Baker didn’t want to be pushed around on his own property. The major portion of the complex was completed in 2015 with Baker in attendance for the grand opening. His pig races were attended by hundreds of neighbors who came to show their collective support. At the time of the dispute, the population of the town was approximately 74 percent white and 24 percent Hispanic. Despite the initial opposition, MAS leaders in Katy came to terms with Baker. When the giant training facility opened, it was attended by almost everyone in the community. Baker and Hasham Ebaid, the center’s vice-president at the time of the opening, have said that they are at peace. Despite the initial controversy, the association, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, finished the project in peace. Baker explained that he hasn’t had any problem since the association apologized to him.

Suffice it to say that he won in his own way and although the center was still constructed Baker won’t be having any issues with pushy neighbors any time soon!

H/t [ Conservative Daily Post ]


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