One Of The Soros Funded Organizations Has Just Made A MASSIVE Cut Following…

George Soros, who is 92 years old, is handing over management of his international business to his son Alex, who is apparently more radical than his father.

The company is planning to reduce its workforce by up to 40%, so clearly things aren’t going so well there.

Perhaps they want to merge so they can invest more money in meddling in American politics.

Bloomberg News reports:

Open Society Foundations, the nonprofit founded by billionaire George Soros, plans to cut at least 40% of its staff in the coming months.

The charity, which earlier this month confirmed Soros, 92, was handing control to his son Alex, said Friday its board approved “significant changes” to its operating model. That includes “a substantial reduction in headcount of no less than 40% globally,” according to a spokesperson.

Soros has donated more than $32 billion to the nonprofit, which had more than 500 employees as of the end of 2021 and gives money to humanitarian and democratic causes ranging from criminal justice reform to climate change initiatives. It currently controls the majority of assets managed by his $25 billion family office.

“The Board aims to transform operations across the global network, with the goal of generating a nimbler organization,” said a statement, signed by the younger Soros and the nonprofit’s president Mark Malloch-Brown. “While Open Society works on these internal changes, the Board remains firmly committed to the Foundations’ core priorities — democracy, human rights, climate justice, and addressing inequity.”

This is the most telling part of the report:

The nonprofit’s biggest expense in 2021 was compensation, according to its most recently available tax form. It spent almost $72 million on pay and another $40 million on benefits and pension plans.

General Mike Flynn makes a great point here:

Democrats claim to be against big money in politics, but they’re all happy to take cash from Soros.

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So, is there ANYTHING American-made anymore?

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