Oklahoma Graduation Ceremony Pic Goes Viral As Viewers Quickly Discover The Reason

An inspiring image of a teacher who babysits his student’s baby during their graduation.

An incredible image is going viral but not for a reason that people would expect. As it turns out, an Oklahoma school recently held their graduation ceremony, prompting people to snap quite a few photos, but one, in particular has left viewers shocked after seeing what else it caught next to students in gowns.

With the summer upon us, several schools have taken part in their graduation ceremonies to usher students off into adulthood. However, it seems that one school is getting a bit more attention than all the rest as an image from El Reno Public Schools (ERPS) is spreading around social media for good reason.

Normally, all the attention at these events is focused on the students. With parents beaming over what their child has just accomplished and the kids ready to finally be done with school, there’s typically a large range of emotions.

As it turns out though, an entirely new sentiment was brought into the mix after a picture went viral after viewers were left shocked to see what else it caught. Clearly seen in the image, one staff member of the school was seen carrying around a student’s baby so that she
could focus on the ceremony she was taking part in:


As if that wasn’t going far enough above and beyond, the man was also seen towing around a cooler with cool drinks in it. Come to find out, it was a rather hot day, and he was ensuring that everyone in attendance was staying hydrated and healthy.

This photo proves that “family” is not bound by the constraints of DNA. This man, educator and mentor is caring for a student’s infant (and making sure all of the students are properly hydrated) while the student, who has worked diligently and overcome odds for a diploma, participates in graduation practice. He is an asset to ERPS and exemplies the role of a true teacher. We’d all be well served to say a few words of thanks to the teachers who make astounding differences in students’ lives, both in school and out of school. I know I’m grateful to the ones who became part of my “village” and influenced me!” [Source: Love What Matters]

Although some people think of teachers as people just doing a job to collect a paycheck, this man proves that’s not always the case. When it comes down to it, shaping our children into productive members of society takes a special kind of person.

When those people decide to go further than they already have in a way like this, well, that’s when you see what a true hero actually looks like. It isn’t always easy to go out on a limb for someone else, but you can bet your butts that this is a day that mother will always remember – and it’s all because of the simple gesture one man offered so that she could enjoy her moment in the limelight.

One person commented: “Getting pregnant when you didn’t plan for at a young age is not the “end of the world”. What you do after having the baby is what matters. You got yourself back to school, studied hard and earned your diploma… There’s always good people cheering on like this mentor. He must be very proud and you too. Congrats! This is indeed beautiful.”

Another commented: “I love this!! What an outstanding teacher, and an absolutely amazing parent to keep pushing on and graduate. You’re both an inspiration and an example to others that hard work and dedication mean so much!!”


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