Ohio Mother Shoots 2 Children in the Head [VIDEO]

DAYTON, Ohio – A woman has been accused of shooting two of her children in the head in Ohio and has been arrested.

Police say an 8-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy were shot Thursday morning and are hospitalized in critical condition. An 11-year-old daughter at the Dayton home at the time was unharmed.

Police Chief Richard Biehl says the woman shot the children inside the home and then took them outside, where police and emergency crews found them in the front yard. A firearm was taken from the home.

At the shooting scene, a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said she saw the mother wandering naked and asked another neighbor to get a sheet to cover her.

“She was just walking around in circles,” said the woman, who has lived in the neighborhood for decades. “She wouldn’t blink. She wasn’t violent. She wasn’t aggressive. She wasn’t anything. She was … blank.”

The woman said that when an officer grabbed Helton by the arm, “she didn’t resist,” the neighbor said. “She just looked lost and zoned out.”

Police say there are indications the mother has mental health issues but it hasn’t been determined why the children were shot.

The police chief says detectives will be conferring with the Montgomery county prosecutors about criminal charges against her.

H/T Fox News

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