Obama: “Race Relations Have Gotten Better” Under My Presidency [VIDEO]

On Thursday when asked by correspondent Judy Hsu from Chicago ABC7’s  if race relations have gotten better or worse during his tenure, lame duck Barack Obama said “for the most part” they had gotten better.

Obama said:

“You know I think that in some ways, like everything else it’s gotten better and in some ways we have surfaced tensions that were already there but are getting more attention. Look, I came to Chicago in 1985, in the middle of Council Wars between Harold Washington and Eddie Vrdolyak. Some of your viewers are too young to remember this stuff. I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better.”

Pray tell how race relations have gotten better. Barack Obama has been a race baiter no different than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

A couple of incidents come to mind:


E. Goldstein

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