Nurse Accused of Sedating Patients in Order To Sexually Assault Them

Former Sandy Springs nurse Michael Morgan sat in a Fulton County jail for two weeks after he turned himself in and admitted to injecting a patient with Propofol so he could fondle her while she was sedated.

On Friday, Morgan waived his right to a preliminary hearing on the charges of sexual assault and sexual battery, but was granted a $40,000 bond by a Fulton County judge.

A quiet and straight-faced Morgan appeared in the Fulton County Superior Court on Friday, hopeful that he would be released from the blue jail jumpsuit and shackles he was wearing.

Brent Beaver, his attorney, pleaded with a judge for a bond to be granted to his client. While the state’s attorney argued against it, the judge granted Morgan the bond and ignored the state’s request that Morgan wear an ankle bracelet monitor.

The judge did rule that Morgan, 33 of Adairsville, not have contact with the victims named in the warrant, that he not possess any weapons, that he not practice nursing, that he stay in his home between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., and that he not leave the state of Georgia while out on bond.

An attorney for the state argued that Morgan shouldn’t receive bond because of the nature of the charges and an ongoing investigation.

In his argument, Beaver told the judge that Morgan had been a nurse for eight years, was married, had never been arrested before and that he was a lifelong resident of Georgia and owns property in the state. Beaver, who works for the Perrotta and Cahn firm in Cartersville, also said that Morgan is an active member of his church, that he was not a threat to leave the state and that he had cooperated with police in their investigation.

That was convincing enough, apparently.

An arrest warrant says that Morgan admitted to injecting one patient with Propofol — a powerful sedative — to keep her sedated longer so he could fondle her at the Northern Crescent Endoscopy Center in Sandy Springs. A police report says that at least two women were assaulted by Morgan while they were sedated and under his care as a nurse.

Police say that it was two of Morgan’s pastors from a Jehovah’s Witness Hall who alerted police after he confided in them.

This is worse than date rape where they use rohypnol or ketamine because this is a health care worker who was professionally trusted with the care of patients. It’s bad enough when people do this, but to take advantage of health patients this way seems to be more heinous.

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