No-One Can Believe How Old This Stunning Model Is! [VIDEO]

Age is just a number. Time waits for no man but one Asian model-turned-photographer seems to have found a way to halt the clock.

I used to think this was something we told ourselves so we didn’t feel so bad about getting old and crusty; then I heard about ChuanDo Tan, who I’m pretty sure invented the popular cliche.

ChuanDo Tan, from Singapore, a professional photographer who is allegedly 50 years old, except he looks like he’s in his 20s. Social media people continues to wonder how on earth Tan could look the way he does as he enters his sixth decade of life.

Want to get in on Tan’s youthful secrets? He credits regular workouts, late-night bathing and eating plenty of Hainanese chicken for keeping him looking so young.

Well, that sounds easy enough. In reality, some awesome genetics are probably playing a major part too.

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Alongside his ripped physique and baby-face charm, his hair is – enhanced or otherwise – raven black and he dresses like a man several decades younger.

Now a photographer, Tan occasionally models and was recently propelled back into the public eye after appearing on Saturday in an advert for Chinese news website Yidian Zixun.

His photography business, ChuanDo & Frey, has seen him shoot high-profile Asian celebrities including Rosamund Kwan and Shu Qi. He also shot Janet Jackson’s 2008 album cover for Discipline.

Article Sources: Daily Mail Video Credit: Daily Mail

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