Nike Has Shuttered A Store In A Liberal City After….

Nike has chosen to permanently close its factory outlet store in Portland, Oregon, after temporarily closing it last fall owing to continuing theft and safety concerns. It’s not unexpected that a company would leave a Democrat-run, lawless garbage dump like Portland.

“Nike had sold discounted and out-of-season items at the Northeast neighborhood factory store since 1984.” The OPB reported.

Far-left Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was “very disappointed” when Nike closed its Portland shop permanently.

“I am very disappointed with the closure of the Nike Community Store on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said in a statement. “My team and City Staff have worked tirelessly and in good faith with Nike for almost a year to offer creative solutions to their safety challenges.”

Fox Business Reported:

Nike has reportedly decided not to re-open its factory store in Portland, Oregon, which it closed temporarily last fall due to “theft and safety issues.”

The neighborhood’s business group, the Soul District Business Association (SBDA), said that Nike had confirmed its decision in a phone call with the group’s leaders, the Portland Business Journal reported on Friday.

The SBDA called the decision “a major economic blow.”


“This news has landed like a lead balloon in our district,” John Washington, the SDBA’s executive director, said in a news release. “We had all been holding our breath since last November when the store quietly shuttered its doors due to internal and external theft and safety issues. But, like so many of us riding out the fallout of the pandemic and protests, we held out hope that Nike, city officials, and community leaders would recalibrate and realign order. But it looks like it’s game over.”

To say the obvious, Portland has become a refuge for anarchy and violence, notwithstanding the local reaction of dismay. This is a city that supports Antifa and any form of disturbance.

Nike has stated that they are evaluating potential locations for shop openings.


Nike offered to recruit off-duty police officers to assist with store security. The idea was never implemented due to a lack of police personnel and staff, owing in part to a city that previously voted to defund the police.


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