• June 14, 2024

New York Muslims Are DEMANDING Sidewalks Be Changed, Cost To Taxpayers Is Over $100K

 New York Muslims Are DEMANDING Sidewalks Be Changed, Cost To Taxpayers Is Over $100K

Hundreds of muslims in New York City are calling for state officials to remove 11 sacred Muslim names that have been engraved into the sidewalk, claiming it is disrespectful to the Muslim faith to walk on them.

According to the New York Post, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said “Walking on an important symbol is a sign of disrespect. As Americans might view walking on an American flag or a grave disrespectful, in Islamic culture, the prophets are some of the most important things in the world.”

A spokeswoman for Downtown Alliance projected that if they want to remove all the 11 names it will cost taxpayers approximately of $110,000.

The engravings are not in any reference to the name of prophet Mohammad or any sacred figures but to those whose names are the same as Mohammad Reza Pehlvi, which happen to be former shah of Iran, although walking on that names is absolutely an insult by many Muslims and that is why the boxing legend like Muhammad Ali’s the one Hollywood star is the one that is hangs vertically.

 “It’s a big hate crime which must be prosecuted”, Alina Nisar wrote on an online petition seeking to remove the name Mohammad from those 200 names etched in granite in year 2003 in honoring the ticker tape parades that have passed over the area.


The second fellow petitioner name Syed Zaidi has suggested that then engraving location are molesting the sanctity and reducing other people believe and faith.

 The third petitioner also said that “American believe those sacred engrave is a sign of respect and it is to be honored in that way, but our beliefs are opposite in direction. It is very important to be in one accord rather than asking why one needs to be treated differently than the other ones”.

The petition was published early March and has more than 430 signatures out of 1,000 sought.

The president of the Alliance for Downtown in New York, Jessica Lappin also said “it was a great respect that we placed granite markers making them permanent to commemorate them but so many people said the intentions do not mitigate the disrespect.

 “It’s really hurt the Muslims and their faith”, said One Nation US Treasurer Yasir Bhai, who recently launched a similar petition garnering aroud 700 signatures.

The petition requests the removal of the names of Ibrahim, Hassan, Ali and Ahmad  that were found in the engraving for former president of Guinea Ahmed, the king of Morocco Hassan II and the former minister of Pakistan Liaguat Ali Khan.


  • Too bad if it offends muslims lowlife, interbred assholes. These names are there to celebrate someones life, if you do not like it, get the fuck out the USA on the next plane.

    Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself – https://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

  • Screw the whole bunch of Muslims. The “good Muslims” won’t speak out against the others so they must support them.

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