Nearly 30 Years Ago She Planned To Murder Her Family, Guess Where She Is Now

The subject of a 1990 documentary who reportedly suffered violent sexual abuse from her father is now a grown woman. Here’s what she’s up to now.

In 1990, HBO aired a documentary called “Child of Rage,” which focused on a young girl named Beth Thomas, who developed psychopathic behavior as a result of horrific abuse as a baby.

Beth was violently sexually abused by her father until she was about 19 months old, according to Rewind The Past. Her mother passed away when she was a baby, leaving her and her infant brother in her father’s care.

Beth and her brother were later taken out of their father’s care and were brought into a new family. Their new parents, Tim and Julie, knew that something was not quite right with their adopted daughter at a young age. At one point, she began killing baby birds and her parents became very concerned.

Eventually, Beth’s parents realized that she was deeply disturbed. She exhibited bizarre sexual behavior at a young age and had an interest in death and violence. Beth’s brother, Jonathan, also exhibited similar behavior, but to a lesser degree.

Tim and Julie reached out to the adoption agency to see if they knew anything about the children’s bizarre behavior, but the agency refused to give them any information. However, after doing some digging themselves, Tim and Julie found out that both children had been badly abused by their father.

The family’s story, focusing on Beth, was the subject of “Child of Rage.” In the documentary, Beth is shown calm telling her therapist, Dr. Ken Magid, that she enjoys molesting her brother and killing baby birds. She even told the therapist that she dreamed about murdering her parents and little brother.

Tim and Julie said in the documentary that no matter what they did or how many times they spoke to Beth, she continued to tell them that she wanted to kill them.

At one point, Beth slammed her brother’s head into concrete in an attempt to kill him. Fortunately, he survived.

Beth was eventually diagnosed with a very severe case of Reactive Attachment Disorder, a psychological condition caused by extreme physical or emotional abuse. The disorder prevents children from being able to connect with others.

Beth became so dangerous at one point that she was taken out of the care of Tim and Julie and placed into the care of professional therapist Connell Watkins. During her time with Watkins, Beth went through training for intensive behavior modification in hopes that she would develop empathy for others and end her psychopathic behavior.

Now, Beth is a healthy, mentally stable grown woman. According to Oddity World, Beth is now an RN (Registered Nurse) at a hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she works in the Neonatal Unit.

Beth also wrote a book about her experience titled, “More Than a Thread of Hope.”

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