Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Claims Her Mom’s Bad Behavior is Typical Italian Grandmother Behavior

(100 Percent FedUp) – Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, was interviewed on Fox News, where she defended her mother’s bad behavior towards President Trump. Christine called her mother a “wonderful person” and said everyone she knows “loved it” when her mother ripped up President Trump’s speech.

She also claimed on Twitter it was typical Italian grandmother behavior when her mother ripped up President Trump’s speech:

“In a smooth 3 seconds, she dispensed with his 70-minute manifesto of mistruths. Classic Italian Grandma move – saying everything without saying a word.” – Christine Pelosi on her mother ripping up President Trump’s SOTU speech

Watch below as Martha MacCallum debates Christine Pelosi, who is very similar to her mother:

The response to the interview with Christine Pelosi was to call out her claim that Nancy Pelosi’s bad behavior was typical Italian grandmother behavior. Many commenters were offended by the comment.

The great James Woods weighed in on the interview with a fantastic comment:

“Actually Italian grandmothers are loving, charming, and endowed with the wisdom of the ages. Speaker Pelosi’s classless gesture bore none of those qualities. I’m not casting aspersions on your mother personally, however, given her obvious condition.” – James Woods

Twitter comments:

-Is there scientific evidence that suggests that pathological lying and ignorance of reality is hereditary? There must be some correlation because Christine Pelosi is as big of a fibber and denier of reality as her mother.

-My nonna was a saint.
Christine Pelosi wants to defend her mother’s temper tantrums and disrespectful actions that’s fine, but she shouldn’t put all nonna’s in that basket.

-Shame! Christine Pelosi is just as disgusting as her mother. It was not just “a dish,” and neither her house nor she is the grandmother.



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