• May 25, 2024

Muslim Rapes & Beats Pregnant Woman, Blames It On An ‘Un-Islamic’ Item

 Muslim Rapes & Beats Pregnant Woman, Blames It On An ‘Un-Islamic’ Item

A Muslim asylum-seeker has mercilessly beaten and raped a heavily-pregnant woman who was on her 7th month of pregnancy with twins.

The suspect is the Naji N., whose identity remains withheld due to Germany’s censorship laws, from Morocco who is currently living in Germany. He is well known to the German police for, amongst other things, bodily harm and having multiple fake identities.

It was the summer of 2015 when 22-year-old Kathrin P (a fictitious name) was on her way to her apartment at night. She was almost at home when she was attacked by the refugee. He hit her from behind on the head and dragged her into an elevator, where he was supposed to have hit the young woman.

In a dark dirty corner he raped her several times and stroked her over the baby’s belly. With her last strength the woman defended herself against her tormentor, freed herself with kicks. With the last strength she could free herself then. Bloodied and dressed only with a T-shirt, she met a newspaper carrier who called the police.

An investigator in the witness stand: “She had massive facial injuries, cried. Only sentences came, she always had shrieks. ”

When he appeared before the court, the sadistic asylum seeker had just one Western amenity to blame for his sickening assault.

Naji addressed the Landgericht Berlin regional court, blaming his inexcusable actions on his newfound love of Western alcohol.

Through his solicitor, Philipp Kaiser, the Moroccan national explained that: At the time he was drinking 1.5 bottles of vodka every day. That’s why he has no recollection of the deed, but was ‘shaken’ by what he had done to the woman.

The victim’s testimony was given in closed court.

He was only arrested in November 2016, in the Belgian city of Liège. A hit in a DNA-database led investigators to his trail. Naji N. had been living in Germany since 2014 and had no prior connection with the victim before he raped her.


There is some good news to be reported though; the twins survived the attack on the body of their mother and came into this world two months later, healthy.

Readers shared their thoughts on the disturbing story on Mad World News’ Facebook page.

“Drinking is no excuse for rape,” one user commented. “Jail him with hard labor.”

“That sick little freak needs to be taken out back and shot why even have a trial obviously you cannot rehabilitate such a monster people need to wake up before it’s way too late hopefully it’s not already,” another user wrote.


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