• July 16, 2024

Muslim Claiming He Was Kicked Off Delta Airlines Has HISTORY of Hoaxing People

 Muslim Claiming He Was Kicked Off Delta Airlines Has HISTORY of Hoaxing People

YouTube celebrity Adam Saleh when viral Wednesday morning when he posted a video claiming to show he was being kicked off a Delta Airlines flight because he “spoke Arabic” on the phone and to a friend.

The claim quickly took off, and media outlets reported the allegation without question. But Saleh has a history of hoax videos, including being caught just last week by another airline claiming he was lying about “smuggling” himself onto a plane by hiding in a suitcase.

Saleh’s claim of racism has garnered more than 250,000 retweets.

It was reported immediately, without question, by the UK Guardian newspaper:

Just last week, however, Saleh claimed, “I Smuggled Myself On A Plane To Another City and IT WORKED!! (IN A SUITCASE).”

This claim was quickly debunked by the airline, Tiger Air, which had surveillance video of Saleh boarding the plane.

This wasn’t the first time Saleh was caught in a hoax.

In 2014, Saleh admitted to staging a video hoax of police harassment of Muslim men as a “dramatization” to “raise awareness for Racial Profiling.”

The original description of his video did not mention the incident was staged, instead it read, “We were filming another video for our channel with our cultural clothing but we kept getting followed by Police. So, we decided to film this social experiment on racial profiling. Too many innocent people get stopped and frisked every day because of what they wear or their skin color.”

Saleh has 1.6 million YouTube subscribers.

Delta Airlines says there was a “disturbance” on the plane and 20 passengers complained. They are investigating the incident.

Saleh, for his part, is sticking to his story and heading to his lawyer’s office after he reaches his destination.


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