• February 22, 2024

Musician Goes On Racist Rant About White People And Why She Despises America [VIDEO]

 Musician Goes On Racist Rant About White People And Why She Despises America [VIDEO]

“I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America,” said Azealia Banks as she lashed out at America in a scornful diatribe in the new issue of Playboy magazine.

Banks, a New York native, spoke candidly to Playboy about her dislike of America and her desire to move somewhere else.

“I hate everything about this country, Banks said. “The real fat and meat of America are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms.”

“Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma – that’s really America,” Banks continued.

The rapper goes on to talk about race and how she believes that black people deserve more credit for building America.

“Black people need reparations for building this country, and we deserve way more f****** credit and respect,” Banks frankly stated.

In addition to expressing her strong views on race and America, Banks also blasted fellow entertainer Lorde.

“It’s always about race,” Banks said in defense of her infamous Twitter rants. “’Lorde can run her mouth and talk shit about all these other b******, but y’all aren’t saying she’s angry. If I have something to say, I get pushed into the corner …y ’all motherf*****s still owe me reparations! That’s why it’s still about race. Really, the generational effects of Jim Crow and poverty linger on. As long as I have my money, I’m getting the f*** out of here and I’m gonna leave y’all to your own devices.”

Banks’ comments have since gone viral, with many blasting her for her views.

“I am asking my husband to cancel his Playboy subscription,” one commenter wrote. “It is supposed to be an entertainment magazine not a race baiting magazine. People want to be entertained not berated and abused!”

Source: americanow.com


  • Lets say blacks get reparations for something they were never part of snd then subtract the welfare and other benefits they recieved but never earned such as housing, medical care, food stamps, education and. job preferences etc. How will blacks pay the difference? Don’t forget to subtract the costs of black crimes, rioting, costs of incarceration of blacks, raising housong,feeding, educating blwck children etc?

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