Music Legend Carlos Santana Just Dropped A Truth Bomb On Maniac Transgender Nonsense…

Liberals are criticizing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Carlos Santana for making a controversial statement regarding transgender ideology during a concert in New Jersey.

This Thursday, a video from July surfaced on social media, showing the music legend advocating scientific truths about transgender identity.

“When God made you and me, before we came out of the womb, you know who you are and what you are,” Santana told the audience.

“Later on, when you grow out of it, you see things and you start believing that you could be something that sounds good, but you know it ain’t right. Because a woman is a woman and a man is a man. That’s it. Whatever you wanna do in the closet, that’s your business. I’m OK with that,” he added.
Santana also backed comic Dave Chappelle, who has come under fire for making remarks about transgender ideology in his stand-up routines.
“I am like this with my brother Dave Chappelle,” he added.

Many in the LGBTQ community and their allies/liberals were outraged by Santana’s words, labeling him “anti-trans” and calling for his cancellation.

Santana apologized in a Facebook post in reaction to the uproar.

“I am sorry for my insensitive comments. They don’t reflect that I want to honor and respect all person’s ideals and beliefs. I realize that what I said hurt people and that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to the transgender community and everyone I offended,” he wrote.

“Here is my personal goal that I strive to achieve every day. I want to honor and respect all person’s ideals and beliefs whether they are LGBTQ or not. This is the planet of free will and we have all been given this gift.”

“I will now pursue this goal to be happy and have fun, and for everyone to believe what they want and follow in your hearts without fear. It takes courage to grow and glow in the light that you are and to be true, genuine, and authentic. We grow and learn to shine our light with Love and compliments. Have a glorious existence. Peace,” he concluded.

In a separate post, Santana wrote, “Everyone is significant meaningful, and priceless.”


This should be a lesson to everyone who makes a true statement like Santana, DON’T make a statement unless you are prepared to stand by it and refuse to apologize.

Sassy Liberty

Sassy Liberty is a political writer for the better part of a decade. She has been vocal for years on social media concerning the communist agenda that has infiltrated our country. She is an advocate for medical freedom, homeschooling, and defunding the woke culture. Do you want to stop the war on kids and defund the commie agenda?

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