Motorcycle Rider Demonstrates to Police How To Clear Protester Blocked Street [VIDEO]

Easily fooled useful idiots of the American Nazi party, aka the democrats, blocked the street in San Francisco.  A motorcyclist who happened to be in the area decided to invoke his legal right to drive on the street that his taxes paid for.

He revved his engine but drove slowly through the crowd, hitting no one in the process.  Once he made his way through the crowd, he turned around to go through them again.  A police officer drew his gun and ordered him to stop.

The man was arrested but no charges have been brought against him yet, probably because they would have a hard time making the case that availing himself of the legal right and access to the street was somehow a crime against mind numbed robots illegally blocking the street.  California can’t secede from the union fast enough to suit me.

 A man has been arrested after driving his motorcycle through a crowd of anti-Trump protesters in San Francisco.

Dozens of activists were staging a ‘die-in’ against President Donald Trump’s healthcare plans by lying in the middle of the road outside the San Francisco Federal Building.

In video of the incident, protesters can be seen lying or standing on the road with signs before a red motorcycle begins to drive up behind them.

Though it was only moving slowly, the motorcycle was being revved loudly and caused concern among the activists yesterday afternoon.

Many of the protesters were elderly or using wheelchairs since it was organised by Bay Resistance and Senior and Disability Action.

A spokeswoman for Bay Resistance, Emily Lee, said the driver was ‘definitely targeting us’, according to CBS.

She added: ‘Everyone thought he was just confused, but he didn’t stop, and at some point it became clear he was going to come through the crowd and people jumped out of the way.’

Notice that the liberal rag tried to maintain that it was an assault on old people, but the truth is for the elderly, healthcare did not change for those on Medicare when Obamacare was enacted and will not change if repealed.  That’s not quite right.  Obamacare stole $700 billion from Medicare and repeal would restore it.  Fake news.

H/T The Mail Online

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