Mother Who Killed Newborn Released From Jail And Walks Out Free [VIDEO]

Jessica Price was arrested for the murder of her infant daughter who she left to die in a Kohl’s bathroom trash can in Louisville Kentucky after giving birth in the stall. She was also accused of tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.

This story shocked and horrified the community and now outrage is back as it looks like Price will not face prison time.

Price’s newborn daughter was discovered inside a restroom trash can at the Kohl’s. Price, who was a Kohl’s employee, was arrested three days later.

Several employees told police that they offered to take Price to the hospital, as she was pale, shaking and making repeated trips to the bathroom.

Price, however, declined, telling one employee that she was just sick from eating a chicken-salad sandwich earlier, according to the interviews. She allegedly told other co-workers that the pain was due to a cysts on her ovaries.

She allegedly went to the bathroom during her shift and delivered a baby that was already dead before panicking and hiding the newborn’s body in the trash.

Price accepted an Alford plea to manslaughter and other charges in March following the death of her infant at a Louisville department store was sentenced on Wednesday.

An Alford Plea Deal means she claims innocence but acknowledges there’s enough evidence she’d be found guilty in court.

In a recently released second interview with police, Jessica Price “acknowledged the possibility of suffocating the baby” she delivered in a bathroom of a Louisville Kohl’s.

Price, a Kohl’s employee, said in the interview that the baby was delivered into a toilet before she picked the girl up and began cleaning her with toilet paper, according to records released in her murder case earlier this month.

Police have said the baby girl appeared to be full-term and healthy and died as a result of an “intentional act” by Price.

Source: Daily Mail



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