Mother Went Swimming After Duct Taping Her 11yo Son To Chair In Dark Basement [VIDEO]

A woman from Boardman is currently facing charges after local police said she taped a child in her care to a chair while taking another one to swim at the YMCA.

The mother of 32-year-old Susan Malysa called police after finding her 11-year-old grandchild taped to a chair in the basement, according to a police report.

Police said the boy’s legs were taped tight to a metal chair and his hands were taped together as well. His mouth was also taped shut with duct tape.

“The relatives had not cut the duct tape away. They were concerned he was duct taped rather tightly, so they were concerned about doing that in a safe manner,” said Boardman Police Sgt. Charles Hillman. “Our response was quick. A couple officers were there within minutes. They were able to cut the duct tape off and free him.”

The authorities said the boy was cold and shaking. He said he wasn’t there long, but police said he had marks on his skin from the tape, as well as a bruise on his face and neck.

The grandmother told investigators that she suspected Malysa was abusing the boy. She tried to take him to a counselor for behavioral issues but said Malysa refused to let him talk to the counselor alone.

She said she became worried when Malysa told her that she was taking one of the children to the YMCA to swim but said the boy wasn’t going with them.

Malysa was then arrested at the YMCA, where she was found swimming with her 6-year-old daughter, and was charged with felony child endangering.

She appeared in Boardman Court on Tuesday morning and wanted to give her side of the story. A judge told her it wasn’t the best time to speak about the incident.

Malysa was given a $10,000 bond and she was ordered to have no contact with the children. She is due in court again next week.

Both the children are staying with relatives, and police believe they’re safe.

Police investigated another incident last year in which Malysa was accused of hitting the same child with a hammer. She wasn’t arrested, but police plan to ask the child more questions about it now.

Source: Daily Mail


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