Mother Sparks Controversy For Shocking Photo Of Baby (Photo)


An image appearing to show a baby smoking has sparked outrage on social media with people calling for child services to intervene.
The picture, posted to Instagram, shows a toddler inhaling from a lit cigarette being held by an adult.
The caption for the post read:

‘trying brittnies cig hahaha’ and justified the ‘joke photo’ by saying the child ‘barely inhaled.’
‘For everyone getting offended she only had one puff.’



‘This isn’t funny, you should have your child took (sic) off you,’ one person commented.
Another concerned observer said ‘this is the kind of thing you report to the authorities.’
‘I think this is the angriest Reddit has ever made me,’ one particularly distressed social media user added.
One person suggested the caption had been photo-shopped and the context of the photo wasn’t necessarily accurate, declaring the anger towards the image was misdirected.
People disagreed with that sentiment, saying ‘I don’t think the context is the problem – just the fact a child has a cigarette in their mouth.’

Sources: Daily Mail


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