Mother Puts Newborn In A Cardboard Box – The Real Reason Is Surprising Everyone [VIDEO]

An old tradition of putting a baby in a box was found effective after being known as one of the countries who has the least baby mortality rate worldwide.

Can you imagine a world where every newborn baby is given the exact same start? Where the baby’s color or the wealth of the baby’s parents don’t amount to anything?

Finland is that very place.

Every expectant mother in Finland receives a box of goodies that include the following items:

  • Mattress, blanket, sleeping bag/quilt, mattress cover, undersheet
  • Box itself doubles as a crib
  • Snowsuit, hat, insulated mittens, and booties
  • Light, hooded suit, and knitted overalls
  • Socks and mittens, knitted hat and balaclava
  • Bodysuits, romper suits, and leggings in unisex colors and patterns
  • Hooded bath towel, nail scissors, hairbrush, toothbrush, bath thermometer, nappy cream, washcloth
  • Cloth nappy set and muslin squares
  • Picture book and teething toy

The best part? This box is free. The Finnish government provides these baby boxes in order to ensure the safety and welfare of every baby!

“There was a recent report saying that Finnish mums are the happiest in the world, and the box was one thing that came to my mind. We are very well taken care of, even now when some public services have been cut down a little,” Titta Vayrynen, a 35-year-old mother of two boys, told the BBC.

Watch the video below for more information.

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