Mother Puts Backpack In Shopping Cart And Walks Away. Later That Night, Store Manager Finds What…

Authorities in Arizona have launched an investigation after a newborn baby girl was abandoned inside a shopping cart overnight.

According to investigators, the baby girl was found abandoned in a shopping cart just before 8 p.m. on Sunday.

A witness then reportedly went inside and explained what they had found to the manager, who immediately called the police.

According to reports, the baby girl was found wrapped inside a blanket and had been placed inside a backpack, which was left in the shopping cart.

Fortunately, the baby was taken to the hospital, where she is said to be in good condition.

Police say the baby girl, who is African-American, was born on Sunday and even had part of her umbilical cord still attached when she was brought to the hospital.

After news of the discovery broke, police revealed that the infant had been left at a Food City, just 50 feet away from a safe haven location.

A Food City representative has since released following statement:

“This is a tragic situation but we’re thankful that the baby was found healthy. Everyone involved reacted swiftly with the needs of the child as the top priority. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our shoppers and their families.”

Now that the baby is safe at the hospital, police are desperately searching for her mother.

ABC Action News has shared this story on Facebook, where many commenters criticized the baby’s mother for leaving her newborn in danger.

“She could have went to any police station/ fire station or any of the other multiple safe places and left the child without any questions asked. Instead you leave the child in a shopping cart where anyone could have found this baby and harmed him/her. I will never understand the amount of stupidity there is in the world,” one woman wrote.

“Why just why. There is so many people in the world that struggle to have children. These are human beings that thrive with the guidance of their parents. This is absolutely disgusting and awful. I hope they catch whoever it is. I hope this baby is adopted by a beautiful family and thrives.” another added.

Sources: America Now

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