Mother Poses As Her Own 13yo Daughter To Catch Pedophile

A UK mother has caught out a suspected online paedophile after posing as her 13-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Kelly Carberry, 34, was checking her daughter’s Facebook profile when a message from a middle-aged man popped up, saying: ‘Do you promise to keep your mouth closed about what is said in here?’

Sensing something was weird about it, Kelly then went along with the messages pretending to be her daughter Chloe-Marie.
‘I couldn’t believe it,’ Kelly, from Preston, said. ‘This morning I thought I’d check her Facebook profile and four messages appeared from this weird person.

‘I just started replying to him pretending to be her.

‘He said, “are you on your own” and “go in the room and shut the door”. After a bit I just told him I was her mum and said “what are you doing?”‘

Since she went public about the disturbing exchange, Kelly has been inundated with others whose children were targeted by the same man.

She believes the man was using two, possibly three different accounts to message children, and had been targeting hundreds girls across the north west of England.

‘I have got his real name now after posting his picture,’ Kelly said. ‘I’ve spoken to my daughter about online safety but she’s obviously accepted him.

‘She has a friend called Jess so I wondered if she might have added him thinking it was her. I’m not sure.

‘I’ve told her what’s going on. She hadn’t even messaged him back though, which is good.

‘I’m going to have to keep everything checked on social media from now on. It’s just what I have got to do as a parent to make sure they’re safe, but it’s a difficult thing when she’s 13.’

A spokesperson from Lancashire Police said: ‘We can confirm that a report has been made and we are investigating it.’

Sources: Daily Mail

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