Mom Treated Like Trash By Son For YEARS. At Her Funeral, He Looks In Casket And Sees It. [VIDEO]

When former professional wrestler, Marc Mero spoke to a room filled with middle schoolers, they actually listened.

He spoke with passion and charisma about growing up with one crazed fan of his, so that even after he chose the wrong friends to surround himself with, there was one person in his life who brought him back to his senses, who helped him to remember for one, that he has immense purpose on this earth.

“You see, the greatest gift my mother ever gave me? She believed in me,” Marc said.
“I’ve overdosed on three occasions where I believe I should’ve been dead.”

Marc relayed the painful memory of coming home drunk as late as 4 a.m. with his friends to see the house light still on. His sweet mom wouldn’t go to bed until she knew her boy was back home, safely. She would patiently ask him after having waited all night for him to come home, if she could please, just talk to him.

Like many teenagers, he felt annoyed and wanted nothing to do with her. “Man, just leave me alone. You bug me!” he said before slamming his bedroom door on her. Marc spoke a word that had to have struck a chord with his audience.

“I slammed my door, on the one person who believed in me.”

The WCW and WWE champion got heartbreaking news during a world-wide wrestling tour while in Japan. A Japanese promoter told Marc to call home and when he did, the voices on the other end of the line broke down. They didn’t know how to tell him the unbelievable news that his mother had just passed away.

He left his audience of middle schoolers in tears, as he explained that upon gathering the courage to walk up to his mother’s coffin, he saw her, beautifully dressed in white and said, “She looked like an angel. And I just stood over her and I said, ‘Mom, you are my hero.’”

He laments over his choices for drugs, alcohol and chasing after money instead of cherishing life itself and his family in a powerfully thought-provoking speech that has left audiences of all ages compelled to shift their mindsets and behavior.

“Love is just a word until you give it meaning — YOU are the meaning,” Marc said.

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