• June 17, 2024

Mom Says Young Son Exited McDonald’s PlayPlace Covered In Feces While Employees Just Laughed [VIDEO]

 Mom Says Young Son Exited McDonald’s PlayPlace Covered In Feces While Employees Just Laughed [VIDEO]

A mother in New Hampshire is furious and demanding an apology from McDonald’s after a visit to her local fast food restaurant went horribly wrong. She alleged that her 5-year-old son Gabriel exited the restaurant’s PlayPlace play pen covered in human feces and employees just laughed.

According to Crime Online:

Justina Whitmore spoke to reporters about the incident.

“I was still eating and the next thing I knew he came out and just stated there was poop all inside the slide,” she said. “When he came out, he was covered in poop.”

5-year-old Gabriel also spoke to reporters, saying that he was playing tag with another boy who allegedly had a soiled diaper.

“It was because he went down the slide first,” he said. “And then I couldn’t help it and it went all over me.”

Whitmore says she asked employees for help, but they just laughed at her. She said she pleaded for help for an entire ten minutes, much of it caught on video.

There was also no soap in the bathroom, according to the woman.

“I went over to the counter and said, ‘Are you going to give me any paper towels or anything to help clean my son off,’ and they were just laughing and arguing about who should clean it up,” she said. “I was at that point just using my bare hands, and fortunately one of his socks did not have poop on it so I was just using his left sock to scrape it off his skin.”

“I’m sure employees go to the bathroom. There’s no soap. How are they washing their hands?”

The franchise owner issued a statement on the matter, which was published by CBS Sacramento.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standard and apologize for Ms. Whitmore and her son’s negative experience at our restaurant.”

What would you do if a similar situation occurred to you? The PlayPlace was apparently closed after the incident and scrubbed clean but they have a lot of damage control to deal with.

Source: Crime Online 

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