• February 22, 2024

Mom Has Funeral For Son She Had Cremated, Then Police Get A Tip To Check Her Room

 Mom Has Funeral For Son She Had Cremated, Then Police Get A Tip To Check Her Room

A Nevada woman has been accused of lying about her 10-year-old son’s medical condition for months and of faking the child’s death.

Victoria Morrison of Carson City created a GoFundMe page back in June, claiming that she needed donations for treatment for her sick child. The page claimed that the child had been diagnosed with Type 3 von Willebrand disease almost a year previously but had since also been diagnosed with leukemia.

“[My son] made a list of things he wants to do before he gets too sick, now it’s my job to help him do just that,” the page read, according to Inside Edition. “But I’m a single mom to three other kids and [I also] work. So please if you have a spare dollar help me help my son’s wishes and dreams come true.”

In the months following the post, Morrison received an outpouring of support stemming from the GoFundMe page as well as from the community.

“[Morrison’s son’s] alleged illness was highlighted this past Christmas during ‘Shop with a Hero’ events in Carson City, and was afforded a Charity Helicopter Ride,” said Carson City police in a statement, reports Inside Edition.

Morrison received support in other ways, as well. For example, according to KTVN, the child’s teacher gave Morrison $200 worth of gift cards. It is estimated that in total, the donations that Morrison received amounted to at least $2,000.

On April 8, Morrison made a post on her Facebook page in which she claimed that her son had passed away and been cremated, IJ Review. A memorial service for the child was held later that day.

After Morrison claimed that the child had died, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office received a tip from someone who said they had spoken with Morrison’s spouse, who said that her son was alive, reports KTVN. Deputies did a welfare check in which they spoke to Morrison, who echoed her Facebook claims that her child had died, saying that he passed away in hospice care.

The Sheriff’s Office then contacted the county corner’s office to obtain the death certificate of the child. After they were unable to obtain it, they contacted the property manager of Morrison’s residence who said that he had seen her son alive. Deputies were eventually able to find the child who was — according to Inside Edition — “in good spirits and healthy.”

Morrison was arrested on April 14. In the time following the incident, investigators have found that Morrison’s child had indeed been diagnosed with an illness, but that it was treatable and had been embellished by her.

Morrison is currently facing charges for obtaining money under false pretenses and filing false statements. She is being held on $20,000 bail. Her son and his siblings have been placed in the care of child protective services.

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