Mob Of Angry Moms Give Brutal Justice To Man Who Raped & Killed 8yo Girl [VIDEO]

A MAN accused of raping and killing an eight-year-old girl was reportedly tied up before being viciously beaten to death by an angry mob.

The man, named as Mithun Hansda, was killed near the city of Dumka, Jharkhanda after the body of the missing girl was found in a lake.

As reported by the local media, the 8-year-old girl had come to the village in Dumka district along with her parents to attend a marriage ceremony on Tuesday.

Apparently, Mithun Hansda abducted the girl when she goes along with other girls to a nearby lake to take a bath.

The man was reportedly drunk and chased girls around the lake. While the other girls ran away, the 8-year-old girl was caught, raped, murdered and then dumped the body of the girl amid trees on the river bank, reported by a local media.

The girl’s family went to look for her and found her body a short time later, India Today reported.

Someone in the crowd of relatives accused Hansda of raping and killing the minor child. Few men in the house, who were high on alcohol, brutally thrashed Hansda after tying his hands and feet.”

Footage shows the group tying the man up before a group of women repeatedly beat him with sticks.

Police arrived too late to stop them and took both bodies away as part of their investigation.

Police told ANI News that a post mortem will be conducted on both bodies but it was not yet confirmed whether the girl had been raped or not.

The Chief Minister has condemned the act of violence and has ordered for strict and quick action against the accused. This incident of mob rage and violence is the third such act in Jharkhand in the last one week.

Sources:  Mad World News

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