Mexican Lawyer To Start Selling Donald Trump Toilet Paper

A lawyer in Mexico will soon begin production on a line of toilet paper featuring President Donald Trump’s name, and a logo bearing the president’s signature hair.

Antonia Battaglia, a Mexican attorney who practices in Guanajuato, told CNN’s Spanish language affiliate that he took offense to the president’s tone towards Mexico during the 2016 presidential election, and has spent nearly a year devising a campaign to rebut Trump’s rhetoric and support migrant communities.

“It bothered me, and I wanted to do something that could make change, not by mocking or through retaliation, but in a positive manner,” Battaglia said.

“Later, I came up with the idea for toilet paper, which would be ironic, and last a long time on the market,” he added.

The product promises consumers “softness without borders.” It will be made and sold in Mexico.

A third of the proceeds generated through sales will be donated to pro-immigrant groups, and to individuals who were deported from the United States.

“If this generates a business for me that’s secondary,” Battaglia said. “What I want is to leave something useful that supports migrants and deportees.”

Production is slated to begin by year’s end, though the notoriously litigious Trump Organization may attempt to stop unauthorized commercial use of the Trump name.


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