Menacing Skull Cloud Rises Above Vesuvius In Apocalyptic Scene [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie, a massive cloud with the face of a skull billows over Mount Vesuvius. Multiple angles of the cloud can be seen but there is one that will give you nightmares.
According to RT:
A photo of smoke billowing from Mount Vesuvius shows what appears to be a ghoulish face looming above southern Italy’s famous volcano. The disturbing image was taken as wildfires force evacuations from surrounding areas.

“After millennia the monster of Vesuvius came out,” Rosario Scotto Di Minico posted on Facebook along with the image, which shows a menacing face emerging from the pattern of smoke.

Menacing skull cloud rises above Vesuvius in apocalyptic scene (PHOTO & POLL)

Speaking to he said the nightmarish image was captured on camera phone by Albarosa Scotto di Minico.

Despite the quantity of smoke billowing from Vesuvius, it’s not in the process of erupting, instead wildfires have led to evacuations of locals. High temperatures in Italy are straining emergency services with 698 operations taking place across the country, according to the national fire service. Some 476 of the operations are wildfires, with Vesuvius amongst the most serious.

Source: RT

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